Locally Sourced, Sustainable Restaurant in Raleigh

Here at The Village Deli, we are passionate about our community in Raleigh. We love to support our neighborhood and the environment, and we pride ourselves on our locally sourced food and sustainable practices within our restaurant locations.

sustainable dining in the triangle

We don’t just dedicate ourselves to providing high quality, delicious meals to our community. We also believe in being sustainable, which is why we use biodegradable containers for our food and drink cups, and we recycle all of our glass and plastic used in our restaurants!

Supporting Local Friends & Locavores

Did we mention that we love supporting our community? We get as many products as possible locally, which supports our local economy and also cuts down on fuel usage! During the local growing season, we get the majority of our produce from local farmers, too. That means we have the freshest ingredients available!

We work with many companies in the greater Triangle area and throughout North Carolina. Some of our partners include:

  • Grendeddy Dave’s
  • Highland Brewing Co.
  • House-Autry Mills
  • Larry’s Beans
  • Layton’s Produce
  • The Bread Shop
  • J. Freirich Foods

Learn more about our friends here.




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